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Midsummer offers building-integrated solar panels as well as state of the art production systems for manufacturing of flexible solar cells. Together we write sunshine stories.

Innovation in collaboration with the sun

Midsummer has revolutionized the solar cell industry since 2004. Our production system, the Midsummer DUO, is the key to successful mass production of flexible CIGS (Copper, Indium, Gallium, Selenium) solar cells. High production rate and low carbon footprint for those who want to create a brighter future.

Solar energy should be simple, beautiful and blend into the environment. Through our brand Midsummer Solar Roofs, we sell stylish, integrated solar panels for all types of buildings.

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Midsummer's business segments

From production equipment and R&D to complete solar roofs

Our self-manufactured machines – DUO & UNO

Midsummer is a leading supplier of equipment for manufacturing of durable and flexible CIGS solar cells. Our production system, The Midsummer DUO, is the only machine that can mass produce this type of solar cell on a commercial basis.

Midsummer has extensive R&D activities. For research we use exactly the same DUO machines our customers use for production. Except that, we offer a generic thin film R&D deposition tool, Midsummer UNO, which is optimal for basic solar cell research at universities.

Beautiful solar panels – Midsummer Solar Roofs

A reliable manufacturer uses its own products. That’s why we started our brand Midsummer Solar Roofs, which sells building-integrated solar panels to those who do not want to compromise between elegance and efficiency.

Embrace the Midsummer spirit

Tel: +46 (0) 8-525 096 10  |  Mail:

Tel: +46 (0) 8-525 096 10  |  Mail: