With the most sustainable solar panel we transform the conventional roof and accelerate the transition towards renewable energy.

Midsummer’s sustainability work

Hållbarhet är kärnan i Midsummers verksamhet och något som genomsyrar alla led i organisationen. Midsummers hållbarhetsarbete baseras på vår strävan att minska miljöpåverkan från våra egenproducerade solcellstak. För att läsa mer om vårt hållbarhetsarbete se: Impact Report – Sustainability at Midsummer.

Midsummer’s vision is to, on both the local and global level, be involved in spearheading a transition to solar energy. Solar energy is an amazing natural resource and an important part of achieving the established climate goals.

We own our entire value chain, from product development to installation at the customer’s site, and we work to continuously improve and become more efficient and sustainable. Midsummer’s own machines, Midsummer UNO and Midsummer DUO are global market leaders in the production of thin film solar cells and used as research basis for further improving the efficiency of the technology behind solar energy.

A safe and developing work environment

We are proud to be a Swedish manufacturer of solar roofs and solar cell manufacturing equipment. We ensure safe and efficient manufacturing with a safe and developing work environment.

Together towards a fossil-free world

Vår FoU-avdelning arbetar dagligen med att förbättra och effektivisera både våra produkter, processer och minska våra CO2-utsläpp ytterligare.

Public power consumption is increasing each year, as many sectors and industries are making the change from fossil fuel to electric power. The sun is our largest source of energy, and by investing in solar energy you are contributing to a sustainable and future-proof fossil-free world.

Even today, Midsummer's operations impact 9 of the 17 global goals set by the United Nations. We work every day to ensure that our business is part of the efforts towards fair and sustainable development for all. Every effort makes a difference, and our sustainability work is based on these global goals and shows that we can also make a big difference at the local level.

The value chain and environmental impact

At Midsummer we take great care to minimize our negative impact on the climate and environment. Our product value chain is developed to be both resource-saving and, to the greatest extent possible, powered by renewable energy. The entire value chain and its environmental impact are described below.

  • The extraction and purchase of raw materials is done by our carefully selected suppliers, both abroad and locally in Sweden. We work closely with all of these companies.
  • The raw materials that are most relevant for the solar cell production process are silver, stainless steel, molybdenum, copper, indium, gallium and selenium. The raw materials that are most relevant for the manufacturing process of the solar panels are various types of polymers and diodes.
  • These materials are then used in Midsummer's production facility to manufacture our products, along with sheet metal roofs and roof tiles manufactured in Sweden.
  • • In 2020 we implemented a new Power Mesh Technology, resulting in a 75% reduction in the use of silver in our solar cells.
  • After processing by the suppliers, the materials are transported to Midsummer's production facility to start the manufacturing of solar cells, solar panels and finally completed solar cell roofs.
  • The solar roofs are transported to the customer using third party transport and logistics companies. 
  • The raw materials are used in Midsummer's manufacturing process to produce thin solar cells.
  • Manufacturing is done using Midsummer's own DUO machines, which are world-leading in the production of CIGS solar cells.
  • Minimal amounts of water and chemicals are used during the manufacturing process.
  • The electricity needed to power the production is certified green electricity, which is 100% renewable.

The solar roofs are transported to the customer using third party transport and logistics companies.

  • During the installation process, the solar panels are mounted on top of the water resistant layer on the roof and then connected to the mains grid.
  • The solar roofs are installed using minimal materials and resources.
  • We use Swedish sheet metal from SSAB and roof tiles from Benders and Monier.
  • When the installation is complete, the house has a Swedish-made solar roof that is aesthetically pleasing and neatly integrated with the roof design, while at the same time producing solar energy.
  • The solar roofs generates no carbon dioxide emissions during use.
  • The property is now powered locally by green electricity, and the customer gets a reduced carbon footprint and a point of departure for a future fossil-free life.

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