About us

Midsummer is a world-leading manufacturer of production systems for durable CIGS solar cells and building-integrated solar panels. We also conduct extensive research within this area.

Midsummers vision is a future where all buildings are powered by solar energy

We will only realize this future if we can meet people’s needs for simplicity, sustainability, aesthetics and function. Our technology enables electricity to be produced where it is consumed – on a surface that is not used for anything else. Simply invisible solar panels, that work just as you want them to.

Conspicuously invisible

We believe in the important role that solar cells will play in energy consumption in the future. We also believe in the consumers’ independence in the choice of their energy source. This is why we have taken matters into our own hands and are moving the development forward.

We are convinced that even more people will be attracted to installing solar cells if we offer products that look beautiful and are easy to install. Although our products are seemingly invisible, they are very much noticed and create great value for our customers.

Towards a brighter future

We find reassurance in our mission, our technological advantage, our skilled employees and our unique products. We are also convinced that having a bright future ahead of us is important; a bright future which requires stepping up the battle against fossil fuels and global warming.

Our history

“My colleagues and I had a crazy idea that we could make solar cells using machines from the CD industry. The rest is history.’’

Eric Jaremalm, CFO, Midsummer AB

Midsummer was founded in 2004 with a vision of transforming the world’s most climate-friendly energy source into usable energy for everyone. Our founders come from a background of manufacturing and developing machine equipment for CD readers and flat screen displays – a technology and production method that is very similar to what is used in our solar cell manufacturing. With our technical knowledge and experience, The Midsummer DUO was developed, the production system that today produces flexible and durable CIGS solar cells worldwide.

With growing knowledge, self-esteem and focus on further development, we launched Midsummer Solar Roofs in 2019, our building-integrated solar panels. We are convinced that solar energy will play a major role in future energy use and we are constantly working to improve our products, right here in our production facility in Järfälla.

A natural focus on sustainability

Sustainability is at the very heart of Midsummer and forms an integral part of everything we do in the organization. Midsummer’s sustainability work is based on our ambition to reduce our environmental impact and contribute annual reduction in greenhouse gases using our efficient production systems. 

We are proud of being part of the global switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and we will continue working towards our vision for all buildings to be solar powered.


Minimal carbon footprint

The green transition has already begun. In the future solar cell suppliers will be judged to a greater extent on the climate impact of their production processes.

According to calculations made with WWF’s emission reduction potential, Climate Solver Tool, Midsummer’s technology could result in a reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions of 8,432,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents per year from 2025.

Compared to conventional solar panels, we leave an almost 90 % smaller carbon footprint. It gives us a clear competitive advantage.

Research and development

Innovation and curiosity

Midsummer attach great importance in research, innovation and curiosity. We work continuously to improve the efficiency of our solar cells and with the development of new kinds of thin and building-integrated solar panels.