Midsummer BOLD

Solar roofs for bitumen and plastic membrane

Midsummer BOLD is an ultralight and flexible solar panel which, among other things, is intended for bitumen and plastic membrane as a base, where the end product becomes a discreet solar roof. Midsummer BOLD is developed for larger roof areas on commercial properties, industrial buildings, warehouses and sports arenas, but also apartment buildings and private homes.

Midsummer BOLD

Midsummer BOLD is sold as a complete replacement roof or can be retrofitted to an existing roof. The product acts as extra protection to the roof's waterproofing layer and stops UV light from damaging the waterproofing layer, increasing the roof's service life.

Its light weight makes Midsummer BOLD perfect for roofs with weight restrictions, such as on older buildings where the design is not as durable as modern roofs. 

Benefits of
Midsummer BOLD


Midsummer BOLD is a Swedish innovation, manufactured at the Midsummer production facility in Järfälla outside Stockholm.


Midsummer BOLD have a carbon footprint 90% lower than traditional solar panels.

Minimal weight

Minimal weight enables easy and safe installation without penetrating the waterproofing layer of the roof. High power of 39 W / kg, which is less than 30% of the weight for the same power for traditional solar panels.


We are experts in solar roofs and will be with you throughout – from initial contact to final installation. Midsummer's solar roofs has a 10-year product guarantee and 90% expected peak power after 10 years and 80% after 25 years.


Midsummer BOLD is only 2 mm thick, with a weight of 3 kg/m². They do not require any holes to be drilled during installation and the roof can be walked on during maintenance if done with care.

For more information

Download product sheet. 

Product sheet

Information about the product

Additional components for Midsummer systems

Midsummer offers a number of batteries for energy storage as well as electric vehicle chargers. Contact us and we will help you find the best solution for you.

House with 120 m2 total roof area (gabled roof), of which 50 m2 of the roof is covered with solar panels

Price example

Installation av Midsummer BOLD på platta eller lutande tak 5,25kW
Från: 212 000  kr

Komplett takbyte inkl. Midsummer BOLD Solcellspaket 5,25 kW
Från: 269.000 kr

How it works



Describe your roof and what you want – our solar roof designers will design an individual solution for your roof. We offer turnkey contracts.



When you have chosen the solar cell roof that suits you best, Midsummer prepares a cost proposal. After an agreed agreement, we will come out and make a control measurement of the roof.


Financing with a green loan

In collaboration with Hemma and Skandiabanken, we offer the opportunity to finance your solar cells through a loan with a green discount. Read more here.


Manufacturing and installation

After control measurement, your solar panels are manufactured in our production facility in Järfälla outside Stockholm. When the material is finished, our certified installers and electricians perform the installation according to industry standards.



When installation is complete, we will help you to send in the final application to your electricity supplier. When the supplier has approved the final registration, we put the plant into operation and hand over all the necessary documentation so you can feel safe with your installation.


Electricity production

Your roof can now produce electricity from the sun's rays for your own use or to sell to the electricity grid. Midsummer solar panels have a ten-year product warranty and expected peak output of 80% after 25 years.


Midsummer bold
Mattias och Cecilia, Enköping

“Working with Midsummer was really simple. We were replacing our tiles, and they finished things off with their beautiful Midsummer BOLD roof, which is now making a small contribution to the environment.”

Midsummer BOLD is suitable for a range of different roofing materials, e.g. roofing felt, membrane and sandwich panels. The solar panels can be mounted to both flat and sloping roofs.

Midsummer BOLD is fitted using discreet sheet metal strips, which are screwed into tiles and then welded to the roofing material, e.g. roofing felt, membrane or sandwich panels.

Yes, Midsummer BOLD can be retrofitted to existing roofs or fitted as a complete replacement roof.

Midsummer BOLD has an output of 116 W / m².

Midsummer BOLD is available in black.

A Midsummer BOLD panel is 1,685 mm long and 1,000 mm wide.

Midsummer BOLD weighs 3 kg / m². 

Midsummer BOLD

Solar roofs for bitumen and plastic membrane

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