Business Segments

From production systems and research to complete solar cell roofs

Grand investments in solar energy

Midsummer has the entire chain from production systems to finished solar cell roofs. While we are a world-leading manufacturer of solar cell production systems, we also conduct extensive research and product development in the field.

We also manufacture and sell the discrete, thin and building-integrated solar panels Midsummer WAVE, Midsummer SLIM and Midsummer BOLD.

Midsummer's machines

We cracked the code. Midsummer manufactures machines for mass production of CIGS (Copper, Indium, Gallium, Selenium) solar cells. We also carry out extensive R&D activities, with our own machines.

Process effective technique

Midsummer’s machines are very compact and guarantees a smooth process from start to finish.

Performance-proven knowledge

We support our customers in the process of getting started with their machines and provide their team with knowledge and technology to ensure an efficient manufacturing process.

Midsummer Solar Roofs

We are building a market that did not exist before. Midsummer Solar Roof’s building-integrated solar panels are neither visible nor disturbing. Solar energy that does not compromise with elegance or power.

Lightweight design

Our thin and light solar panels put solar energy where it was previously not possible – regardless of bearing power and shape.


The solar panels become one with the roof and pave the way for a new standard – solar energy that is not visible other than on the electricity meter.

Financial information about Midsummer

Midsummer is a listed company. The share (MIDS) is traded on the Nasdaq First North Premier Market. All important information to investors is gathered in one place.

Research and Development at Midsummer

Everything started in 2004 with hard work and research on how solar energy can be made thinner and more elegant. Even today, it is hard work and research that drives us forward to develop even better products.

Research in collaboration with the sun

Midsummer has one of the world’s most focused and visionary teams, who work together to find the next step for solar energy.