Midsummer SLIM

More than just a metal roof

Midsummer SLIM is a combination of an elegant metal roof and discreetly-designed solar panels – like a classic metal roof but so much more.

Midsummer SLIM

Midsummer SLIM is sold as a complete replacement roof – you get discreetly-designed solar panels and a folded metal roof in one. The plate for Midsummer SLIM has the same fold width as the solar panel to maximize the installed power without claiming the discreet design. Combining the replacement of your roof and the installation of solar panels is smooth, safe and cost-effective.

Benefits of
Midsummer SLIM


Midsummer SLIM are a Swedish innovation and manufactured at the Midsummer production facility in Järfälla outside Stockholm.


Midsummer SLIM have a carbon footprint almost 90% lower than traditional solar panels.

We are solar panel experts and will be with you throughout – from initial contact to final installation.

With Midsummer SLIM's discrete design, you can produce clean electricity and improve the aesthetics of your house.


Midsummer SLIM are only 2 mm thick, with a weight of 3 kg/m². They do not require any holes to be drilled during installation and the roof can be walked on during maintenance if done with care.

A customised solar roof

We want it to be simple to adapt your solar panel roof - with Midsummer SLIM, no roof is too big or too small. The sheet metal and solar panels can be tailored to the desired length, from 865 mm up to 4,025 mm. It is also possible to join the panels up to a total length of 12 meters. When joining, the wiring is covered with a discreet sheet metal protection.

Examples of sizes of Midsummer SLIM

House with 120 m2 total roof area (gabled roof), of which 50 m2 of the roof is covered with solar panels

Price example

Complete roof replacement incl. Midsummer SLIM solar package 5kW

Promotional price from SEK 289,000
Regular price SEK 333,900

Additional components for Midsummer systems

Midsummer offers a number of batteries for energy storage as well as electric vehicle chargers. Contact us and we will help you find the best solution for you.

How it works



Beskriv ditt tak och dina önskemål – våra solcellsprojektörer designar en lösning för just ditt tak. Vi erbjuder totalentreprenad.



When you have chosen the right solar panels for your roof, Midsummer produces a cost proposal. After reaching an agreement, we will make a site visit to confirm the roof’s dimensions.



After control measurement, your solar panels are manufactured in our production facility in Järfälla outside Stockholm.



Midsummer installers and certified electricians perform the installation in accordance with industry standards.



When installation is complete, we will help you to send in the final application to your electricity supplier. When the supplier has approved the final registration, we put the plant into operation and hand over all the necessary documentation so you can feel safe with your installation.


Electricity production

Your roof can now produce electricity from the sun's rays for your own use or to sell to the electricity grid. Midsummer solar panels have a ten-year product warranty and expected peak output of 80% after 25 years.


Räkna potentialen på ditt tak

Använd vår solcellskalkylator för att få fram ett preliminärt pris för just ditt hus.

Play Video

Tora and Jörgen talk about Midsummer

Tora and Jörgen in Norra Grönby outside Trelleborg have a house that is unique throughout Skåne. Originally a school when it was built around 1860, now a modern, renovated home, topped with a Midsummer solar roof.

Midsummer SLIM is sold as a complete replacement roof. The product is a combination of an elegant metal roof and discreetly-designed solar panels. The product is installed by vulcanising the solar panels into the metal roof. The sheet metal roof and solar panels are then fitted to the property as with a normal replacement roof.

No, Midsummer SLIM is sold as a complete replacement roof as the solar panels are specially adapted to our custom-manufactured sheet metal roofs. 

Midsummer SLIM has an output of 111 W/m².

See the price example for Midsummer SLIM here.

We use sheet metal from SSAB, read more here.

The solar panels are only available in black, but the metal is available in a selection of colours, such as black, dark grey, silver, red, etc. Read more about all our colours here.

Midsummer SLIM has a seam width of 358 mm and is tailored to the desired length, from 865 mm up to 4025 mm. For roofs over 4 meters, we use our SLIM extended solar panel. This allows us to connect panels up to 12 meters in series, which increases the installed power. The wiring is easily hidden under a cover, so that the aesthetics of the roof are not compromised.

Midsummer SLIM weighs about 3 kg / m².

Midsummer SLIM

More than just a metal roof

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