Midsummer SLIM

More than a metal roof

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Midsummer SLIM

With Midsummer’s solar roofs, you no longer have to compromise between solar energy and aesthetics. Midsummer SLIM is the smart combination of thin solar panels and a classic folded metal roof, where the result is a discreet solar cell roof.

The product is sold as a complete roof renovation. The sheet metal has the same width as the solar panel in order to maximize the installed efficiency without compromizing on the discrete design. Combining a roof renovation and installation of solar panels is both smooth, safe and cost-effective.

High demand for Midsummer SLIM is currently leading to a longer delivery time. Thanks for your understanding!

Benefits of Midsummer SLIM


Midsummer SLIM is a Swedish innovation manufactured at the Midsummer production facility in Sweden.


Due to low material consumption, a unique manufacturing process and production in Sweden, Midsummer’s solar roofs have a 90% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional solar panels.


Midsummer SLIM looks just like a ordinary metal roof, but unlike a regular metal roof, every sunray shining on the roof is converted into renewable electricity, without changing the aesthetics of the house.

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Adjust your solar roof to the length

We want it to be easy to adapt your solar roof. With Midsummer SLIM, no roof is too big or too small. The sheet metal and solar panels can be customized depending on the length of the roof, from 865 mm up to 4,025 mm. If your roof is longer than 4 meters, it is possible to join the panels up to a total length of 12 meters. When joining, the wiring is covered with a discreet sheet metal protection.

Examples of sizes of Midsummer SLIM

Additional components for Midsummer systems

Midsummer offers a number of batteries for energy storage as well as electric vehicle chargers. Contact us and we will help you find the best solution for you..

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The journey to a solar roof - with Kalle and Brita

Kalle and Brita have moved out to a farm. Much needs to be fixed on the house and their roof is in bad condition. Kalle is a prepper and Brita demands that it should be good-looking. How do you solve a solar roof then? Join us when our CEO Sven guides Kalle and Brita through one of the most important purchases you can make for your house, that is, to change the roof.

Midsummer SLIM is sold as a complete replacement roof. The product is a combination of an elegant metal roof and discreetly-designed solar panels. The product is installed by vulcanising the solar panels into the metal roof. The sheet metal roof and solar panels are then fitted to the property as with a normal replacement roof.

No, Midsummer SLIM is sold as a complete replacement roof as the solar panels are specially adapted to our custom-manufactured sheet metal roofs. 

Midsummer SLIM has an output of 111 W/m².

We use sheet metal from SSAB, read more here.

The solar panels are only available in black, but the metal is available in a selection of colours, such as black, dark grey, silver, red, etc. Read more about all our colours here.

Midsummer SLIM weighs about 3 kg / m².

Midsummer SLIM

More than a metal roof

Villa med 120 m2 total takyta (sadeltak) varav ~ 50 m2 av taket täcks med solpaneler


Komplett takbyte inkl. Midsummer SLIM-solcellspaket 5,1 kW

Prisexempel: 329 000 kr *

Sänk din månadskostnad redan från första månaden genom att flytta över bolånet till ett grönt bolån från Hemma.

* Prisexemplet inkluderar ROT-avdrag på 30 % och grönt avdrag på 15 %.

Kampanj: Plåten på köpet när du beställer Midsummer SLIM

Midsummer SLIM är ett kombinerat plåt- och solcellstak för dig som gillar dubbelt så smart. Just nu får du plåten för 0 kr – en solklar win-win med andra ord!

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