A sunshine story all over Sweden

Midsummer installs solar roofs all over Sweden, on the pins on the map you can see a selection of where in the country our solar roofs are located.

Click on the pin for more information. Location is approximate.

Midsummer SLIM

Tora Andersson & Jörgen Holmqvist

“We had looked around for a long time for different types of roofs that we thought suited the house, but did not find anything with solar cells. Then we got a tip from a friend about scouting Midsummer - so we did, and quickly saw that this could probably be something. "

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Midsummer SLIM

Johan Lindahl

“I chose Midsummer when I looked at different building-integrated solutions, because it was still time to change the roof, and I wanted a solution that suited the building without sticking out too much. I am very satisfied with my roof, both appearance and function, and Midsummer's work with installation and connection went very quickly and smoothly. ”

Midsummer SLIM

Martin Holmberg

“They were the only ones I could see who had integrated on sheet metal roofs, which I had already decided to have. From contact to the roof was on with solar cells, it took about three months. I think more people would choose to have this type of solar cell if they knew it existed, because there is a huge craving for beautiful solar cells. ”

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