Midsummer WAVE

The world's first solar panel for roof tiles

Midsummer WAVE

With Midsummer's solar roof, you no longer have to compromise between solar energy and aesthetics. Midsummer WAVE is a wave-shaped solar panel that follows the shape of your roof tiles.

The product is suitable for Sweden's most popular roof tiles Palema from Benders, Jönåker from Monier and Mjöbäck from S: t Eriks and is either sold as a retrofit on existing roof tiles or as a complete roof renovation. The solar panel covers five roof tiles in a row and the cables are hidden under the tiles for both protection and aesthetics.

For you who think that aesthetics and sustainability belong together.

Benefits of
Midsummer WAVE


Midsummer WAVE is a Swedish innovation manufactured at the Midsummer production facility in Sweden.

Due to low material consumption, a unique manufacturing process and production in Sweden, Midsummer's solar roofs have a 90% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional solar panels.

Midsummer WAVE looks just like ordinary roof tiles, but unlike ordinary roof tiles, every sunray shining on the roof is converted into renewable electricity, without changing the aesthetics of the house.


With midsummer WAVE, you can produce solar without changing the house original design.

Midsummer WAVE is only 2 mm thick, with a weight of 2,3 kg/panel. They do not require any holes to be drilled during installation and the roof can be walked on during maintenance if done with care.
Minimal wind load

With its minimal wind load, Midsummer WAVE is safe on your roof, regardless of wind or storm.

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Additional components for Midsummer systems

Midsummer offers a number of batteries for energy storage as well as electric vehicle chargers. Contact us and we will help you find the best solution for you.


Midsummer WAVE
Mats och Britta, Täby

“Our WAVE panels blend with our roof and with our area, where the original character of houses must be preserved. It’s a positive thing that the solar panels are made in Sweden with a small climate footprint and communication with Midsummer has been smooth. And now the spring sunshine's starting to come through, we're getting our own KwH for the first time!”

Midsummer WAVE
Magnus och Zuzanna, Nacka

“Our interest in Midsummer was piqued when we wanted an integrated solar roof. The combination of installing both new roofing with cardboard and tiles and discreet solar panels reflecting the shape of the tiles meant a tasteful design and made the choice an obvious one. In addition, we appreciate the low climate footprint of the WAVE panels in production.”

Midsummer WAVE
Bertil och Lill-Marie, Helsingborg

“We're very happy, both with the work and the look of the solar panels.”

Midsummer WAVE passar till tvåkupiga takpannor (Palema från Benders, Jönåker från Monier samt Mjöbäck och Ekeby från St:Eriks).

Midsummer WAVE is available in black.

The solar panels are placed on top of the roof tiles and attached below a row of tiles and locked in with clips at the bottom. The solar panels are connected in series row by row and the cables are discreetly hidden under the roof tiles. 

Yes, Midsummer WAVE can be retrofitted to existing roofs or fitted as a complete replacement roof. 

Midsummer WAVE has an output of 110 W/m².

A Midsummer WAVE panel is 1,530 mm wide (with a construction width of 1,500 mm) and 515 mm long (with a construction length of 340-375 mm). One panel corresponds to 5 two-cup roof tiles.

Midsummer WAVE weighs 2,3 kg per panel (equivalent to the width of 5 two-barrelled roof tiles).

Midsummer WAVE

The world's first solar panel for roof tiles

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