Swedish solar tech company Midsummer opens a branch in Italy

Swedish solar technology leader Midsummer establishes a branch in Rome, Italy. The subsidiary is named Midsummer Italia and it will carry on activities spanning from production to sale of solar panels.

“There is simply no other company in the world able to produce flexible solar panels as technologically advanced end esthetically astonishing as Midsummer WAVE, BOLD and SLIM” says Jarno Montella, newly appointed CEO of Midsummer Italia.  “With their 2mm thickness, capacity to bend and extreme simplicity of installation, our products are at the top end of the spectrum of globally available solar panels” he added. “The products are ideal for the newly launched 110 % tax rebate that allows homeowners in Italy to install PV systems for free. “Our products can stick on thermal coating material and therefore provide an integrated solution to isolate a rooftop and produce electricity”

Midsummer is going to invest substantial resources in Italy. The company plans to expand its production capacity by setting up a factory in the south of the country. The factory will have a peak capacity of 50MW per year. The production output will be sold to private customers in the premium segment through selected partners in Italy. The company has also identified opportunities to refurbish older rooftop installations with high feed-in tariffs and old degraded solar panels. By changing some of those panels to Midsummer panels, a higher electricity production will be generated and thus increasing the value of the installation.
“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the expansion of Midsummer in Italy. We will be working on many different fronts: production, sales and acquisition of PV assets. My ambition is to contribute to spread the “Midsummer spirit” in Italy: a blend of friendliness, passion for solar innovative technology and professionality” concludes Jarno.

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