Midsummer and Rollgum Corp team up to bring solar roofs to the Iberian peninsula

Swedish solar technology leader Midsummer (https://www.midsummer.se/) and Spanish leading supplier of single-ply membrane roofing solutions Rollgum (https://www.rollgum.com/es) Corp have signed a letter of intent to provide solar integrated roofs to commercial customers in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

Rollgum Corp is the official and exclusive distributor in Spain, Portugal and Andorra of Firestone Building Products, which include a range of innovative and sustainable building and roofing products. One of them is the UltraPly TPO roofing solution, a single-ply roofing membrane that is among the fastest growing commercial roofing products with unsurpassed performance and installation advantages and suitable for a wide range of building types.

With the new Midsummer-Rollgum Corp collaboration, customers on the Iberian peninsula will soon be able to install a TPO high quality membrane roof integrated with Midsummer’s advanced, light weight, no perforation and flexible thin film solar panels to make the roof produce energy.  

“As the leading supplier of advanced roofing solutions in Spain and Portugal, we are always looking at new innovative solutions for our growing customer base,” said Joan Palou, founder and manager of Rollgum Corp. “With Midsummer’s thin film solar products, we can take a big step forward to offer the market the best lightweight roofing solution paired with the best solar energy technology, all in one.”

The Midsummer WAVE, BOLD and SLIM panels are global leaders in thin film technology. With their 2mm thickness, capacity to bend and extreme simplicity of installation, the products are at the top end of the spectrum of globally available solar panels.

“We are happy to partner with Rollgum Corp to offer esthetically attractive and durable thin film solar panels perfectly integrated with Rollgum’s high quality membrane roofs for a huge potential market in Spain and Portugal,” said Sven Lindström, CEO, Midsummer. “Our range of thin film solar panels is really the only practical solution for the many membrane roofs that cover factories, warehouses, shopping malls and other commercial buildings since traditional framed silicon panels are simply too heavy for these types of roofs.

“A building integrated photovoltaic roof will produce electricity for cooling, heating or powering whatever operations takes place in the building in question and can also be fed into the electrical grid if not used, rendering the roof structurally, economically and environmentally sound.”

For additional information, please contact:

Helena Engelbrecht
Head of communications, Midsummer
Email: helena.engelbrecht@midsummer.se
Phone: +46 73 532 25 29

Josep Lluís Puig
Specification Manager. Rollgum Corp

Email: jlpuig@rollgum.com
Phone: +34 651894151

About Midsummer
Midsummer is a leading developer and supplier of advanced solar energy technology solutions for the production and installation of thin film solar panels. Its business offering includes equipment for cost-effective manufacturing of thin film solar cells as well as building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions. Midsummer’s production process for thin film solar cells has a minimal carbon footprint compared to other production processes for solar modules. Midsummer’s DUO system has taken the position as the most widespread manufacturing tool for flexible CIGS solar cells in the world.

Midsummer develops and markets solar panels directly to end customers from its own production and via contract manufacturers. The Midsummer Solar Roofs product range Midsummer SLIM, Midsummer WAVE and Midsummer BOLD offers customers light, thin and flexible solar panels that result in attractive solar roofs.

Midsummer’s technology is based on a rapid process for the production of durable, flexible CIGS solar cells using sputtering of all layers of the solar cell in a sealed vacuum chain. The Company’s share (MIDS) is traded on Nasdaq First North Growth Market with G & W Fondkommission as Certified Adviser, phone: +46 (0)8-503 000 50, email: 
ca@gwkapital.se. For more information, please visit: midsummer.se

About Rollgum Corp
Rollgum Corp is a company specialized in waterproofing systems with EPDM and TPO synthetic membranes widely used for roof waterproofing, facades, and water reservoirs. Its origins in the waterproofing industry date back to 1971 as Giscosa, manufacturing and distributing its own butyl and EPDM membranes under the Giscolene EPDM brand. Since 1989 it has exclusively distributed the entire range of Firestone Building Products materials, world leader in the manufacture of single-ply synthetic membranes.

In 2008, the company participated in a photovoltaic on the roof installation of 10 MW on an area of ​​183,000 m2 at the General Motors factory in Figueruelas (Spain), being at that time the largest photovoltaic installation on a roof in the world. In 2013 Firestone Building Products acquired the Giscolene and Giscosa brands, as well as the production centers located in Terrassa (Barcelona), which marked a milestone in Europe as it is the first EPDM production plant that Firestone owns outside the US. Currently Rollgum Corp continues with the distribution of Firestone products in Spain, Portugal and Andorra with the commercial products RubberGard EPDM, RubberCover EPDM, Giscolene EPDM and UltraPly TPO for waterproofing roofs and the product of GeoGard EPDM, PondGard EPDM and GeoSmart EPDM geomembranes for pond and reservoir waterproofing.

Rollgum Corp develops systems that improve the roof waterproofing ready for the future.For more information visit our website: rollgum.com

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