Largest solar panel order ever for Midsummer

Swedish solar technology leader Midsummer has received its largest order ever for solar panels. 1,700 sqm of roof space of an industrial building in the central Swedish town of Flen will be covered by Midsummer BOLD solar panels, nearly 800 panels altogether harvesting approx. 157.8 kW of clean renewable solar energy.

Midsummer’s range of building integrated thin film solar panels has taken the private Nordic market by storm and is now quickly making inroads also into the commercial market. Midsummer’s advanced, light weight, no perforation and flexible thin film solar panels are perfectly suited for e.g. factories, warehouses and supermarkets.

Many buildings, especially in sunny southern European states, do not have roofs strong enough to carry framed and heavy silicon solar panels. However, Midsummer BOLD is only 2 mm thick and very light, therefor ideal for buildings:

  • That are sensitive for weight and wind
  • Where it is important to avoid perforation of the roof membrane
  • Where a small carbon footprint is requested
  • Where it should be possible to walk on the panels
  • Where there is a demand for elegant architecture

’’The order is very promising and a happy occasion for Midsummer and we see a great potential to install our products on many more buildings like this,”, said Sven Lindström, CEO, Midsummer. “With the smallest carbon footprint on the market, we hope to encourage more companies to switch to Midsummer solar panels in order to reduce the environmental effect of their businesses.”

The installation in Flen commences in April. The tenant is system supplier Precima Production AB which soon will be able to enjoy self-produced renewable energy. The roof area is approx. 1,700 sqm and most of it will be covered by Midsummer’s panels.

’’As a company we actively work to reduce our environmental impact, with a special focus on generating our own energy,” said Sture Wikman, CEO, Precima Production. “Producing energy with Midsummer’s solar panels is a sustainable step in the right direction to reach our environmental objectives.”

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