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R&D Midsummer DUO

Midsummer DUO is not just used to mass-produce solar cells. For advanced research, an upgraded version of DUO is used which, among other things, enables even greater variations in processes due to greater flexibility in the choice of process gas and more frequent temperature readings.

In addition, there is a completely new process method ("OBO" – "One-By-One"), where you can process 1 substrate at a time with full flexibility. This method eliminates all time constraints in the process, and you can also deposit the materials in any sequence you want.

Process improvements confirmed by Midsummer DUO R&D can be directly applied to the Midsummer DUO production system. As each solar cell has a unique ID, you can access a large amount of process data for each individual cell. This can also be used for research purposes, as all process deviations (good and bad) can be traced to the cell level and beyond.

R&D Midsummer UNO

Midsummer UNO is a generic R&D tool for thin film, which is used for solar cell research at universities, among other things.

It can also be used for both glass and stainless steel substrates and can be fitted with a number of internal measuring stations. Research with UNO can be automated and it can run long series of tests without supervision. As a customer, you benefit from improvements such as lower manufacturing costs and increased capacity, without any additional hardware costs. Midsummer UNO can be used for a number of other sputtering-based research projects requiring an unbroken vacuum chain, such as fuel cells, thin-film batteries and small displays.

“One of the main advantages of our concept is that we have the same equipment and substrate size when conducting research as we do in production. It's therefore simple to apply process improvements and cost-saving measures.”

Klara Takei, Head of Research and Development Projects

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