Midsummer Solar Roofs

Beautiful solar roofs – fully integrated in the building

Solar energy of Swedish design

Thin and building-integrated solar panels provide a seamless experience of solar energy on all types of properties – from private villas to large-scale industrial buildings.

A product so unique that we became retailers ourselves

The fantastic opportunities with our solar cells became the base of our own brand, Midsummer Solar Roofs, which offers building integrated solar panels directly to the consumer market in Sweden.

Compliant future standards

With our discreet solar panels you don’t have to compromise between elegance and power. Stylish design at its best.

Sustainable production of sustainable energy

The production of our solar panels means almost 90% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional solar panels, which makes our solar roofs a climate-smart and future-proof product.

As easy to install as to appreciate

Midsummer’s solar panels take the opportunity for new heights. They integrate with simplicity in new or existing roofs and require no penetration of the roof surface layer, which minimizes the risk of moisture damage.

Midsummer Solar Roofs i rampljuset

Vi vågade hoppas på att våra produktionssystem skulle bli ett uppskattat steg framåt för industrin, men att även solpanelerna som vi tillverkar skulle bli en nationell nyhet var positivt överraskande även för oss. Läs mer om hur vi mottogs.

Our products

Midsummer SLIM

Our first product, Midsummer SLIM, put Midsummer Solar Roofs in the spotlight. A building-integrated solar panel for metal roofs, for those who do not want to compromise between elegance and power.

Midsummer WAVE

A world news and a big step for solar energy. A solar panel adapted for roof tiles that follows the shape, not the norm.

Midsummer BOLD

Our versatile solar panel Midsummer BOLD, optimal for large areas and large ambitions. A strong and durable solar panel for cardboard and membrane roofs.

Midsummer Solar Roofs

Read more about the products we created with our solar cells. Our building-integrated solar panels can be booked and purchased directly from us.