Midsummer DUO

A world-unique solar cell production system

More efficient process, lower climate impact

The Midsummer DUO is a turnkey production system for mass production of CIGS solar cells without cadmium. Designed for high capacity, reliability, scalability and superior material use, the Midsummer DUO is at the forefront of flexible thin film solar cell manufacturing. As a customer you have the opportunity to test your machine and verify the performance in our factory before delivery.

Cost-effective technology

Thanks to our unique process, we offer one of the lowest manufacturing costs for high-efficiency solar cells already in small-scale production. Our 156 × 156 mm steel substrates pass sequentially through 25 separate process chambers. The production cycle time is in the order of 20 seconds, meaning one cell is completed every 20 seconds.

Minimal risk of contamination

The Midsummer DUO tool deposits the complete material stack in an unbroken vacuum chain, which minimizes the risk of contamination. The unbroken vacuum chain allows for less stringent clean room conditions.

Safe production process

Each solar cell has a unique ID which gives access to a large amount of process data for each individual cell. This enables continuous quality control and process development, which is a security for the customer.

Tech specs

Length: 6,40 m

Width: 2,90 m

Height: 2,20 m

Weight: Ca 8 500 kg

Output: 5MW per year

Substrate size: 156 x 156 mm

Power consumption: 81kW

‘’The Midsummer DUO is our flagship. It is compact and designed for optimum performance. The Midsummer DUO is the only machine in the world that can mass-produce flexible CIGS solar cells on a commercial basis.’’

Maria Huttunen, Design Manager

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