Midsummer's machines

World-unique machines for mass production of flexible CIGS solar cells and research and development of future solar cells.

Midsummer DUO

The Midsummer DUO is a turnkey production system for flexible CIGS solar cells without cadmium. With a compact design designed for high capacity, reliability and superior material use, The Midsummer DUO is unbeatable in the manufacture of flexible thin film solar cells.

Midsummer UNO

The Midsummer UNO is an automated R&D system that can be manufactured in several configurations, optimal for solar cell research. Its results can be easily implemented for commercial production in The Midsummer DUO.


Midsummer’s machines mean endless possibilities. Our durable solar cells can be used in the manufacturing of beautiful and discrete solar panels, which are integrated into metal roofs, roof tiles, cardboard- or membrane roofs. Also electric vehicles and tent cloths. Only your imagination sets the limits.

Building integrated solar panels

Midsummer’s discrete solar panels are easily integrated in most types of roofs and are just as suitable for private villas as for apartment houses. Midsummer SLIM for metal roofs, Midsummer WAVE for roof tiles and Midsummer BOLD for cardboard or membrane roofs, which then replace roof tiles or sheet metal on villas.

Commercial buildings

Midsummer’s solar panels are optimal for large industrial buildings and sports arenas, where weight restrictions and fire safety make it impossible to install traditional solar cells. Also, no penetration of the roof’s surface layer is required during installation, which minimizes the risk of moisture damage.

Solar powered vehicles

With Midsummer’s flexible solar cells on the roof, it is possible to charge vehicle batteries. The company Clean Motion has developed the electric vehicle Zbee.

The goal was to create a vehicle with as little resources as possible, without having to compromise with safety or design. The project clearly shows that there is great potential to replace conventional battery charging in the future.

Want to know more about our machines?

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