Solar cells for companies

Invest in a sustainable future and take control of your electricity costs. Midsummer's solar panels are ultralight and manufactured in Sweden with 90 percent lower CO2 emissions.

Benefits of Midsummer BOLD

Minimal weight

Minimum weight of 3.5 kg / m2 enables easy and safe installation without penetrating the roof sealing layer. High efficiency of 39 W / kg. With its low weight, Midsummer BOLD is a new alternative for roofs with weight restrictions. This means less cost of strengthening the roof structure. 


Midsummer BOLD is a Swedish innovation that is manufactured from scratch in our production facility in Järfälla outside Stockholm - from input materials for solar cells to finished solar panels. Through this we ensure a transparent production.


Thanks to a unique manufacturing process and production in Sweden, Midsummer BOLD has a carbon dioxide footprint that is 90% lower compared to traditional solar panels.

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Solar panel for bitumen and membrane roofs

Midsummer BOLD is an ultra-light and flexible solar panel, suitable for bitumen- and membrane roofs, where the end product is a discreet solar roof. The panel is designed for larger, flat roof surfaces on commercial properties, industrial buildings and warehouses.

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Electricity production

With our solution, you will be less dependent on the electricity market and changing prices. This reduces operating costs, while at the same time helping to reduce the demand for electricity with a high environmental impact, such as nuclear power and fossil fuels.

Environmental profile

Being transparent with sustainability issues is in demand today by both employees, customers and partners. Investing in solar cells is a clear stance that shows that you want to be involved and switch to renewable energy and a more sustainable world, which strengthens your environmental profile.

Reduced carbon footprint

The demand for sustainability reporting and reduced carbon footprint is growing. In some cases, incentives are also offered to companies that want to invest in renewable energy. The minimum CO2 footprint of your solar panels provides concrete environmental results that can be shown in the sustainability report.

90% lower
carbon footprint

A third-party life cycle analysis shows that our products have a 90% lower carbon footprint than traditional solar panels. This is how we achieve the record-low carbon footprint:


Own production

Our CIGS solar cells (copper, indium, gallium and selenium) and solar panels are manufactured at our own production facility in Järfälla, Sweden.


Fast production process

The light-absorbing CIGS layer in our solar cells is extremely thin, which contributes to a fast production process.


Reduced material and energy consumption

Our solar panels are free from materials made with glass or aluminum, which reduces our material and energy consumption significantly.

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Installation Flen, 158 kW

Sture Wikman, CEO of Precima AB, chose Midsummer

“We have an ambition to be a climate-smart supplier. We work actively with our environmental impact and an important part of that is the installation of the solar cell roof from Midsummer. With its low weight, the Midsummer BOLD product has been a perfect choice for our factory. ”

Take the next step towards solar energy

Midsummer solar panels consist of thin-film solar cells of the CIGS type, which makes them thin, light, flexible and discreet. The solar panels are placed on different types of roofing material, e.g. sheet metal, roof tiles or roofing felt, where the end product becomes a discreet solar roof.
  • Our products are manufactured at our own production facilities in Järfälla outside Stockholm.
  • The manufacture of Midsummer solar panels produces 90% less carbon dioxide emissions than traditional solar panels, according to a third-party reviewed lifecycle analysis (LCA) carried out in 2020. 
  • The solar panels are light, flexible and only 2 mm thick, and do not affect the appearance of your roof or the aesthetics of your house. The roof still looks like a regular roof, even when Midsummer products have been installed.
  • The solar panels do not contain any heavy glass or aluminium element, significantly reducing materials consumption.
  • Installation does not require any holes in the waterproofing layer of the roof. We do not screw or drill holes in the waterproofing layer, significantly reducing the risk of leaks.

Our solar panels are mounted onto the surface, following the contours of the roof and are on top of the roof's waterproofing layer. In other words, they are integrated with the design, but not integrated technically, which means that they can be applied to existing building materials. The result is a discreet solar roof.

Midsummer's solar roofs are suitable for most roofing materials, such as private houses, apartment buildings, industrial buildings and roofs with weight restrictions. 

Our product Midsummer SLIM is sold as a combination of a folded sheet metal roof and discreetly-designed solar panels. Our product Midsummer WAVE is suitable for 2-barrel roof tiles (Benders Palema and Monier Jönåker) and can be fitted on top of existing tiles or in the event of a replacement roof. Our product Midsummer BOLD is suitable for both flat and sloping roofs, for example with roofing felt and membrane as a base.

Yes, retrofitting is possible with both Midsummer WAVE and Midsummer BOLD . It involves a simple installation and does not damage the waterproofing layer of the roof. 

Midsummer WAVE is installed by placing it on top of the roof tiles and attaching it below a row of tiles and locking it in with clips at the bottom. Midsummer BOLD is attached with discreet sheet metal strips. These are screwed into plates which are then welded to the roof material, such as roofing felt or membrane roofs.

Midsummer SLIM is sold as a complete replacement roof.

Midsummer SLIM has an output of 111 W/m², Midsummer BOLD 116 W/m² and Midsummer WAVE 110 W/m². 

The thermal efficiency of our solar cells is 15-15.5%.

You can buy our solar roofs directly from us, contact us here.

Låt solen göra jobbet

Genom att investera i solpanelen Midsummer BOLD tar ni företagets elproduktion i egna händer. Med sin låga vikt på 3 kg/m2 är produkten ett optimalt alternativ för tak med viktbegränsningar och du slipper kostnaden för att förstärka takets konstruktion.

Vi erbjuder totalentreprenad och guidar er till rätt lösning oavsett om ni behöver byta tak eller vill montera solpaneler på ert befintliga tak.

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Uppgradera ditt tak med Midsummer SLIM eller Midsummer WAVE i samband med att du byter ditt tak så bjuder vi på takmaterialet!