Duo Turnkey System

The Midsummer DUO is a compact, fully automatic deposition system for CIGS solar cell manufacturing. It’s designed for high throughput, operational stability, optimized layer uniformity and superior material utilization. 

The DUO tool deposits the complete material stack in an unbroken vacuum chain. All materials are deposited by sputtering onto flexible stainless steel substrates using a Cadmium free process. The unbroken vacuum chain allows for less stringent clean room conditions. 

Unlike Roll-to-Roll solutions, the Midsummer tool produces individual cells on punched 156x156 mm stainless steel substrates. This allows for making flexible modules while keeping cell uniformity and performance at an optimum to reduce manufacturing costs. 

Small vacuum chambers and gate valves enable target and shield change time of less than 5 minutes vacuum to vacuum. 

Bar coded substrates ensures that all processing data for each cell is recorded for QC and for product development. As a Midsummer customer you test, verify performance and accept the equipment at our factory prior to delivery. This is unique to Midsummer and ensures the quality of equipment and process as well as a short start up time.   

Midsummer uses the same equipment and the same substrate size in production and in R&D. Improvements in R&D are directly transferable to customers and production equipment. As a customer you will benefit from process upgrades by getting higher capacity and lower manufacturing costs without any additional hardware costs. 

The Midsummer DUO tool makes 5 MW per year with our present process guarantees. When you need more capacity you just add identical DUOs in parallel to ramp up production.

To make a turnkey cell manufacturing line we add ultrasonic substrate washing equipment, screen-printer, oven and an inline cell tester. The layouts are compact and require less than 4 m ceiling height. 

We team up with partner module equipment companies to offer matching back end solutions capable of producing flexible modules.

The videos show the automatic loading and unloading of substrates and solar cells.