Sigtuna Municipality chooses Swedish solar cells from Midsummer - photovoltaics will power the Vikingahallen sports arena in central Sweden

7 September 2016

[Stockholm, Sweden, September 7, 2016.] Swedish solar energy expert Midsummer, a leading provider of equipment for cost-effective manufacturing of flexible CIGS thin film solar cells, has been selected as supplier of flexible CIGS solar cells to be installed at the Vikingahallen sports arena in Märsta by the Sigtuna Municipality. Fasadglas AB's subsidiary FG Light Energy AB has been picked as the prime contractor and will carry out the installation of the solar cells from Midsummer on the sports arena.

Vikingahallen is a venue for handball and other sports in Märsta, central Sweden. In the public procurement by Sigtuna Municipality, Fasadglas AB's subsidiary FG Light Energy AB has been chosen as the prime contractor and will carry out the installation of solar panels at the sports arena Vikingahallen in Märsta.

 “The planned solar plant with flexible thin-film modules at 58 kWp will be placed on the roof facing southeast and is designed for connection/phasing to the property’s grid”, said Rickard Berg, Energy and Sustainability Coordinator, Sigtuna Municipality. “We chose lightweight flexible CIGS solar cells to evaluate them against traditional solar cells”.

Midsummer is a leading global provider of turnkey production lines for cost-effective manufacturing of flexible thin film CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenium) solar cells. Midsummer has developed a rapid process for the production of these solar cells using sputtering of all layers of the solar cell. This allows for scalable and cost-effective manufacturing of thin film solar cells. Midsummer's customers are manufacturers of thin-film solar cells worldwide. 

Marked interest in thin film solar cells

“We are delighted that flexible and lightweight thin-film solar cells are considered as the best choice for this project. Midsummer is the only manufacturer of solar cells in Sweden and it feels very positive that Sigtuna Municipality opted for a purely Swedish, more environmentally friendly, solution in which the solar cells have not been shipped worldwide. This is further proof that our thin-film CIGS solar cells is what the market wants and we have noticed a marked increase in interest for our solar cells around the world”, said Sven Lindström, CEO of Midsummer.

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About Midsummer

Midsummer is a leading supplier of equipment for cost-effective manufacturing of CIGS thin film flexible solar cells. Midsummer’s turnkey manufacturing lines have a small footprint, are perfectly scalable and allow for small-scale production of solar cells and modules.

Midsummer’s customers are thin film solar cell manufacturers all over the world. CIGS flexible solar modules are growing in popularity thanks to their low weight, flexibility and durability. Applications are e.g. floating modules, vehicles, landfills, portable power generation and membrane roofs on factories, offices and other structures that are not strong enough for traditional glass modules.

Founded in 2004 by people with a background from the optical disc manufacturing equipment and the photo mask industry, Midsummer has its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. Midsummer was the fastest growing green tech company in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in 2007-2011 (according to Deloitte).

About CIGS thin film solar cells

CIGS stands for copper-indium-gallium-selenium, a metal alloy that converts the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect (PV). The CIGS absorber is deposited on a stainless steel substrate, along with electrodes on the front to collect current. The cells are then connected in series and covered by a protective layer of plastic to form a flexible solar module.

Since a stainless steel substrate is used, the modules can be made without glass. The CIGS solar modules are therefore much lighter, flexible and can be made frameless, to suit applications where traditional silicon solar cells cannot be used, e.g. on structures that are uneven, moving or weak.

CIGS solar cells are manufactured by sputtering the material onto 156x156 mm stainless steel substrates. The solar cells from Midsummer are free of cadmium, a toxic material usually used in CIGS and other thin film solar cells. Flexible CIGS solar modules are gaining market share thanks to its high efficiency, low weight, flexibility and durability.