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Swedish solar energy expert Midsummer finalist in Skanska’s Deep Green Challenge – with a focus on construction with nearly zero environmental impact

[Stockholm, Sweden, December 19, 2014.] Swedish solar energy expert Midsummer has been named as one of the finalists in the Deep Green Challenge, a contest initiated by Skanska, one of the world's leading project development and construction companies. The aim of the contest is to find new green technologies and services to continue to carry out construction projects with nearly zero environmental impact in the areas of energy, climate, materials and water.

Midsummer is a leading global provider of turnkey production lines for cost-effective manufacturing of flexible thin film CIGS (copper, indium and gallium) solar cells. Midsummer has developed a rapid process for the production of these solar cells using sputtering of all layers of the solar cell. This allows for scalable and cost-effective manufacturing of thin film solar cells. 

The Deep Green Challenge aims to find new green technologies and services. These technologies and services will help Skanska in its development of green construction in all of Skanska’s business areas. For the participants, this contest means a great opportunity to draw attention to their green solutions.

“Being appointed as one of the finalists in this exciting contest proves once again that there is a great interest in the market for our solution. Midsummer's objective is to become the leader in the market segment for lightweight and flexible CIGS thin-film solar cells and to expand the business even further within this fast growing segment”, said Sven Lindström, CEO at Midsummer.

“Skanska's initiative for a sustainable and greener construction is exciting and something we are keen to be a part of. Today, fewer large solar energy parks are being built. Instead, focus is moving towards installations in large buildings in cities. The lightweight and flexible thin film solar cells are ideal for this use. It is economically and environmentally more beneficial to produce solar energy locally, where it is consumed”, Sven Lindstrom concluded.

Skanska's objectives for what the company calls the “dark green building” is to implement construction projects with nearly zero environmental impact in the areas of energy, climate, materials and water. This includes zero- and plus energy buildings, zero harmful chemical substances and zero construction waste to landfill.

Skanska’s Dark Green Target is stricter than the environmental certification systems currently used in the Swedish market. To succeed, Skanska needs to find new green technologies and dedicated partners. Together with these partners Skanska wants to develop green construction in buildings and civil construction projects.

Midsummer has been named as one of Sweden's hottest technology companies and also been repeatedly featured on the list of the nation's fastest growing technology companies. Midsummer was the fastest growing cleantech company in the EMEA region in 2007-2011 (Deloitte, Fast 500).

For photos of thin film CIGS solar cells and the Midsummer manufacturing equipment, please go to the media gallery or contact Mr Lindström.

For additional information please contact:

Sven Lindström
CEO, Midsummer
Phone: +46-8-525 09 610

About Midsummer
Midsummer is a leading supplier of equipment for cost-effective manufacturing of CIGS thin film flexible solar cells. Midsummer’s turnkey manufacturing lines have a small footprint, are perfectly scalable and allow for small-scale production of solar cells and modules.

Midsummer’s customers are thin film solar cell manufacturers all over the world. CIGS flexible solar modules are growing in popularity thanks to their low weight, flexibility and durability. Applications are e.g. floating modules, vehicles, landfills, portable power generation and membrane roofs on factories, offices and other structures that are not strong enough for traditional glass modules.

Founded in 2004 by people with a background from the optical disc manufacturing equipment and the photo mask industry, Midsummer has its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. Midsummer was the fastest growing greentech company in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in 2007-2011 (according to Deloitte).

About CIGS thin film solar cells
CIGS stands for copper-indium-gallium-selenium, a metal alloy that converts the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect (PV). The CIGS absorber is deposited on a stainless steel substrate, along with electrodes on the front to collect current. The cells are then connected in series and covered by a protective layer of plastic to form a flexible solar module.

Since a stainless steel substrate is used, the modules can be made without glass. The CIGS solar modules are therefore much lighter, flexible and can be made frameless, to suit applications where traditional silicon solar cells cannot be used, e.g. on structures that are uneven, moving or weak.

CIGS solar cells are manufactured by sputtering the material onto 156x156 mm stainless steel substrates. The solar cells from Midsummer are free of cadmium, a toxic material usually used in CIGS and other thin film solar cells. Flexible CIGS solar modules are gaining market share thanks to its high efficiency, low weight, flexibility and durability.