Sven Lindström, CEO

Mr. Sven Lindström is one of the founders of Midsummer AB; its CEO. Prior to founding Midsummer AB, Mr. Lindström worked in the optical disc industry. He started as a Product Manager and after two years, became the President of M2 America Corp. where he was in charge of the daughter company of M2 Engineering AB. Mr. Lindström has during the late 90’s served the German company VDO Mannesmann AG, where he designed fuel pumps for the automobile industry.

Mr. Lindström holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping Institute of Technology. Major in Computer Science and Industrial Finance.

Eric Jaremalm, CFO

Mr. Eric Jaremalm is one of the founders of Midsummer and its CFO. In this role he oversees all financial operations, including financial planning & analysis, accounting, and tax. Prior to founding Midsummer, Mr. Jaremalm worked in Tokyo between 2000 and 2004 at Micronic Japan KK. As Sales Manager he was responsible for the R&D cooperation between Micronic and large Japanese semiconductor manufacturers. Mr. Jaremalm also served Micronic as project manager for installations and production start-up of semiconductor manufacturing equipment in Japan.

Mr. Jaremalm who was the classmate of Mr. Lindström holds the same Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management International Japanese from the Linköping Institute of Technology. Additionally, Mr. Jaremalm has been studying two years in Japan at Meiji University in Tokyo and Nanzan University, Nagoya. Mr. Jaremalm speaks Japanese. 

Klara Takei, Cell Hardware Manager

Klara Takei is a project manager at Midsummer and responsible for hardware research and development. She has previously worked in the glass industry and with her own art glass, including Hadeland Glassworks in Norway and several smaller studio houses in the Nordic countries and the UK. After a change in her career to an engineer, Klara has been working at Midsummer since 2014.

Klara Takei holds a Master of Science in Materials Design from KTH with a Master of Sustainable Energy Technology, as well as a qualification degree from Orrefors National Glass Academy.

Alex Witt, Software Manager

Alex has been working at Midsummer since 2010 as production manager and now as software manager.  After the studies, Alex worked on Micronic Laser System (now called Mycronic) in Täby, Stockholm. At Micronic, he worked for 8 years, where he installed machines at customer service, worked as a service engineer and project manager. Micronic made large laser printers for the production of photo masks used in the production of flat panel displays.
Alex has also worked as a designer / project manager for Trancel (now called Restatic Trancel) in Frolunda, Gothenburg. Trancel manufactures machines for the paper industry and the installations were usually large plants with different stations with conveyors between the stations where the plant could be more than 100 meters long.

Alex holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from KTH Stockholm with a focus on computer support for design and manufacturing.

Johan Oliv, Cell Process Manager

Mr. Johan Oliv has been part of the Midsummer team since 2007, primarily working with solar cell process development. In the role as Cell Process Manager Mr. Oliv is responsible for the start-up of DUO production systems in Sweden, but also for the installation, production start and process development on DUO tools at customer site.

Before joining Midsummer Mr. Oliv worked at Micronic AB in different roles between 2002-2007. Starting with process development he continued as project manager for installations and production start-up of semiconductor manufacturing equipment in Japan, and later technical sales for the Asian market.

Mr. Oliv holds a Master of Science degree in Materials Engineering from Uppsala University.