Membrane Roofs

A waterproofing membrane on the rooftop normally covers industrial and warehouse buildings. When operators of these buildings want to put solar panels on them, there are several reasons to why they cannot use glass panels with aluminum frames. The traditional solar panels with glass and aluminum frame weigh around 2–3 times more than a Midsummer lightweight panel. Even if the roofs can sustain the weight, the mounting of the racks often requires bolting or drilling through the membrane and therefore the waterproofing function is lost. There are several buildings with roofs that are curved or have other design features that require a flexible and bendable solar panel. Even if the panel itself can be bent, regular silicon cells experience micro cracks that renders the panels unusable.

The R&D team at Midsummer has been collaborating closely with material suppliers to produce a cost-competitive combination of materials weighing only about 30% of a Si panel. With Midsummer’s technology it becomes possible to manufacture flexible and lightweight solar panels which can be attached to any industrial, logistics and warehouse facilities without racks or other complicated mounting systems.

The operating hours of an industry is mostly during daytime when the sun is shining. Computers and other electronic devices are large consumers of electricity, but also air conditioning and heaters use a lot of electricity. By installing solar panels where the size of the installation corresponds to the electrical base load of the industry, you are able to consume the entire generated electricity yourself as an alternative to the cost of buying from the grid. The solar panels will not only generate electricity to your business, but will also make you more independent from the electricity grid.

Midsummer flexible panels can be attached directly onto a bitumen membrane (front) and you avoid the time consuming fastening devices necessary for Si-panels (back). The Midsummer solution also eliminate de-installation costs when a new roof is needed as the new roof can be installed over the panels (after removing the electrical connections). Midsummer panels does not contain any harmful materials.