The Board of Directors

Mr. Sven Lindström

Mr. Sven Lindström is one of the founders of Midsummer AB; it’s CEO and Chairman of the Board. Prior to founding Midsummer AB, Mr. Lindström worked in the optical disc industry. He started as a Product Manager and after two years, became the President of M2 America Corp. where he was in charge of the daughter company of M2 Engineering AB. Mr. Lindström has during the late 90’s served the German company VDO Mannesmann AG, where he designed fuel pumps for the automobile industry.

Mr. Lindström holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping Institute of Technology. Major in Computer Science and Industrial Finance.

Mr. Eric Jaremalm

Mr. Eric Jaremalm is one of the founders of Midsummer and its Executive Vice President. In this role he oversees all financial operations, including financial planning & analysis, accounting, and tax. Prior to founding Midsummer, Mr. Jaremalm worked in Tokyo between 2000 and 2004 at Micronic Japan KK. As Sales Manager he was responsible for the R&D cooperation between Micronic and large Japanese semiconductor manufacturers. Mr. Jaremalm also served Micronic as project manager for installations and production start-up of semiconductor manufacturing equipment in Japan.

Mr. Jaremalm who was the classmate of Mr. Lindström holds the same Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management International Japanese from the Linköping Institute of Technology. Additionally, Mr. Jaremalm has been studying two years in Japan at Meiji University in Tokyo and Nanzan University, Nagoya. Mr. Jaremalm speaks Japanese. 

Mr. Hans Lindroth

Mr. Hans Lindroth has been the Chief Executive Officer of Lingfield AB since April 1998. Prior to Lingfield AB, he served 10 years for the Swedish Bonnier family, primarily within their newspaper division where he held several senior positions in different parts of that business. He founded some of the first commercial web sites in Sweden - - being one of those.

Mr. Lindroth has been a board member of Midsummer AB since 2006. His other board assignments include Lemshagastiftelsen, DoReMir AB, Junibacken, Stiftelsen Carpe Vitam, Nanosurfaces Inc., Medcore AB, Cybercom Datamatics Information Systems, and AffectivaInc., where he served as the Chairman.

Mr. Lindroth graduated from the University of Stockholm with a Bachelor of Teaching degree in 1985 and received a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Stockholm in 1986.

Mr. Jan Lombach

Mr. Lombach is a corporate lawyer and venture capitalist. He was a partner with Swedish law firm Advokatfirman Vinge AB for over 15 years as head of their Capital Markets Practice, international partner of White & Case LLP as head of their Swedish Capital Markets and Banking Practice, and assistant General Counsel of SEB Enskilda.

Mr. Lombach has been an active venture capitalist for over 20 years and was an early investor in Midsummer AB and board member since 2006. His other business engagements include, inter alia, partner of independent financial institution Scandinavian Capital Partners AB, chairman of asset managment firm Cliens Kapitalförvaltning, online retail firm Footway Group AB serving as chairman of group company Brandos AB, and board member of biopharmaceutical company Synphora AB.

Mr. Lombach holds an LLM and an MBA from Uppsala University and studied economics at Harvard University.

Mr. Liang Gao

Mr. Len Gao is the founder of Sunflare; it’s CEO and Chairman of the Board. Prior to founding Sunflare, Mr. Gao founded Kinfine USA Inc., a leader in the retail furniture industry. Starting from very humble beginnings, Mr. Gao has the recognition of many of the large retailers in the United States today for his high quality of products and efficient service. Mr. Gao has also founded Concept Green Energy Solutions Inc., developing new consumer energy products into the retail marketplace.

Mr. Gao holds a Master of Business Administration degree from a US university and a Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics from a China university.

Mr. Philip Gao

Philip Gao is a product development director at Concept Green and Sunflare. He has brought together new and innovative energy products into the United States retail marketplace. In addition to his experience leading product development, he is also in charge of leading the national sales manager and coordinating the daily operations.

Philip holds a Bachelors of Arts degree majoring in Economics and Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.